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A pro helmet that doesn't break the bank?!?! Yes, yes it is. Lightweight, breathable, stylish, and most important - COMFORTABLE. This helmet is fully adjustable from the straps to the knob in the back that will ensure your helmet fits snug (and straight on your head). The helmet comes with easy to follow instructions that will help you get it perfectly adjusted to your head. I bike 10-20hrs a week and have zero tolerance for ill fitting and performing products, this is my favorite helmet and frankly, the price for what you get is ridiculously low.

- Darrell

Who would have thought that such a high end brake pad could have such a great price?  I love to shred and when I go downhill I am literally flying.  Consistent braking is crucial at high speeds over technical terrain and my Specifix brake pads deliver everytime!  The Specifix pads rivals even the most expensive competitor options out there. 

- Sterling

The Specifix contoured grips are incredible!  The smaller diameter for the inner part of my hands makes it super easy to grab my bar for ultimate control with less fatigue.  The outer portion of the grip offers the best comfort I've found for long days in the saddle and plenty of cushion for my Ulnar nerve to make numbness a thing of the past. 

- Paul F.

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We created Specifix out of a passion for quality products that don't just meet the status quo.  We ride, We race and we love Adventure.  You can learn a lot of things competing professionally against the biggest racers in the world.  We know that every little 1% improvement can be the difference from taking the top step on the podium to taking dead last.  That is why every component and accessory that we craft we do so by focusing on the details, or Specifix.  At Specifix we love to push the boundaries further than ever thought possible. If a product innovation will give you a 1% advantage we'll integrate it.  We are focused on winning and when only the best will suffice no detail is too small.  That's our promise to you!