Specifix Premium Silicone Grips

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Product Info
  • -Do your hands ache after only an hour of riding? Do you suffer from numbness from too much pressure on your Ulnar nerve? Do your grips feel awkward to hold for even a short period of time?
  • -At Specifix we are avid cyclists and constantly test our products in real world conditions to deliver the highest quality products to make sure that you have the best experience every time you ride.
  • -Our grips are designed with the highest grade of Silicone that is textured to provide you with an excellent grip even when you sweat
  • -Our 100% premium grade silicone grips give are just the right balance of thickness to give you optimal control and comfort for multiple hours on the bike.
  • -Your new grips are incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is spray Windex or Rubbing Alcohol inside your new grips and they will effortlessly slip onto your bar.