About Us


Cycling Specifix is a family owned business that absolutely loves the outdoors and fitness. As a family we love to camp, hike, cycling and just get out and explore. We have worked in the outdoor industry for over 25 years and are always looking for ways to make the outdoors more enjoyable providing premium gear at competitive prices.

A couple of years ago my wife and I set out to ride our tandem bicycle over 330 miles in one day. We set out early in the morning and what an adventure it was. We encountered a strong headwind, hail and rain storms, snakes and a badger as we climbed a mountain pass at night. During trips like this we test gear designs to make sure it provides solutions during the most intense adventures. When our current gear fails to meet our expectations, we set out to create our own version to replace and surpass the status quo. We truly are committed to enhancing every aspect of your adventures so that we provide you with gear that does its job so you can focus on your outdoor adventure.