Specifix Aluminum Backed Disc Brake Pads for Magura, Shimano, Sram Road, Avid Elixer, Sram Guide

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Product Info
  • -Have YOU ever been flying down a trail and your brake fade is through the roof! Not only does brake fade limit your ride experience it’s straight up dangerous!.
  • -At Specifix we are all Avid Cyclists and constantly test our products in real world conditions to deliver the highest quality products to make sure that you have the best experience every time you ride.
  • -Our Premium Aluminum backed brake pads help keep your brake temperature low so that you experience less brake fad and more predictable power.
  • -Our unique design provides you with excellent modulation ensuring you can stop when you need it most.
  • -Noisy brakes are the worst and a quiet bike is a fast bike. Not only will you ride faster with our brakes but you’ll also be more stealth while you do it. So stealth that most people won’t even hear you coming.
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